Eight skateboarders from five different countries have been working on this long awaited independent skateboard film for over four years.

Skating and traveling together, exploring new grounds: From Europe to the US, from the Canary Islands to Israel, from Morocco to South Africa.

As a reminiscence to the classic skate videos they loved growing up, they put together a film packed with plain and simple, raw skateboarding, leaving the business side of things behind to go out and shred.

This is "Where We Come From“.



09.07.2015 | 22:00 | Berlin/ Germany | Shitfoot Mongoland Trandeshow

01.08.2015 | 21:00 | Athens/ Greece | OAKA (Marousi)

01.08.2015 | 22:00 | Helsinki/ Finland | Ääniwalli

13.08.2015 | 20:00 | Bochum/ Germany | Freibeuter

More premieres soon...

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